IVT Training

Bulacan Medical Center, Malolos City, Bulacan

October 10-12

Marie France and I were the first to arrive and to write on the attendance list inside the cool JICA Building. Excited eh hehe. We ate breakfast (porridge and rice cake) and the pretest followed (actually, I can’t recall which came first hahaha)

The Pretest

I knew before hand that there will be one, and fortunately, my aunty left me an exact copy of the anatomy of the arm and hand. 🙂 25 out of the 60 in our batch had to take a removal exam. Excluding me and Marie yehey. 😀 And the chief nurse of BMC, Mrs. Merceditas Tiongson, RN, MSN, told us that this intravenous therapy training isn’t as easy as it seems. I believed her.

The lectures followed, and.. I was really sleepy. And I’ll be defensive haha. We had duty up to 11 the night before and slept at around 3-4 AM. It was so, SO hard to keep our eyes open the entire day. And I’m so grateful for the unlimited coffee (both for the ones I drank inside and those I took home hahaha) for keeping me awake in some parts.

The next day consisted of more lectures, and a practice demo with the IV Preceptors using the dummy. And even though I got more hours of sleep, inaantok pa rin talaga ko hahahaha.

THE LAST DAY. Return Demo/Revalida in other terms.

The day started with the post test (and they warned again that should anyone flunk it, took the removal and flunk it again, they won’t be able to proceed anymore). Sigh. It was freezing inside which added more to my nerves. Coffee!

It felt nostalgic when the return demo started. It was like being back in college, waiting impatiently outside the room with friends, memorizing lines, and nervousness all at the same time. The day before, we chose partners for our one-on-one IV insertion, and my classmate during my freshman year at CGHCN, JayJay, was the lucky chosen one haha.

Hay. I can’t believe the 5 part demonstration lasted for one whole day. It was around 9PM when I arrived home. And the whole day was exhausting. The WHOLE 3 days drained me of strength.

But the best part of the day was.. when I found out I topped the post-test. 🙂


6 more IV insertions + 6 IV medications + 2 blood transfusions

= Licensed IV Therapist

I can’t wait haha 🙂

***UPDATE: I got my IV Card after a month. I like the green color and more decent looking picture than my PRC license hahaha 😀


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