RENAP Accreditation Exam

I somehow feel obliged to post this. Haha. πŸ˜€

A nurse interested in taking the Accreditation Exam must be WORKING in a DIALYSIS FACILITY or HAS ALREADY undergone DIALYSIS TRAINING (must have a minimum of 6 months hospital/clinical experience prior to hemodialysis training). Accreditation exams are held after every update, so make sure to attend the update first. Here’s what you’ll need.

  1. Certificate of Hemodialysis Training
  2. PRC License
  3. IVT License
  4. RENAP Membership ID
  5. PNA Memership ID

Since I’ve been working as an HD nurse for more than a year now, it got me interested. And there’s no harm in trying. Besides, I should be a member of RENAP. Since I’m a renal nurse. Paulit ulit? Haha!

So after doing some research on the internet and asking around, I marked March 27, 2011 on my calendar. But I almost did not take the exam. March 25-26, I was at a friend’s birthday event and was drained of energy and resources haha. In fact, by 12 midnight, I was still undecided on whether to go. I came to a conclusion then. If I do not wake up in time, then that’s my sign.

I woke up very early anyway.

By 8AM, I was standing outside the DAPA Hall at the Philippine Heart Center. There was a long line of eager nurses. Also, there was no system. I just followed the majority and hoped that it was the right line. Thankfully, there was another nurse who, just like me, had no idea where to go and what to do (haha), so we stayed together. By 8:30 AM, after paying the fees, we were inside the lecture hall.

Just a quick recap. The fees included (in my case):

1. RENAP Membership Fee – P300
2. Update – P350
3. Accreditation Exam – P550

TOTAL: P1,200

4. PNA Membership – P400 (I last renewed mine in 2009 haha. This was another requirement so I had no choice but to renew. You should have done this already before going to the exam venue.)

Grand TOTAL: P1,600

The Update took whole morning, and then the exam followed after lunch. In the middle of the update, a friend from elementary, Maureen, txted me and asked if i was at the venue. I glanced back and saw her. When I went out, I saw another batch mate from college. And when I went to the lavatory, I saw a co-worker from my unit. He was on some business and I told him not to tell anyone from our workplace. Without much success.

Be sure to have all your requirements before having the final interview. There were some people who were not allowed to take the exam, and it almost included myself. But that’s not important right now. Hahaha!

I had mixed feelings after the exam. There were a lot of topics that I wasn’t very familiar with, especially with CRRT and Peritoneal Dialysis. And the more I asked around and researched, the more I got depressed. Well, I hope I pass.


I wouldn’t have posted this if I didn’t pass. Haha! Yes I did. Less than a month after, the results were posted in the official RENAP Facebook Page. My new friend, Chell, and Maureen, also passed.

What do I get? A new title. An addition actually. After RN (Registered Nurse), there’s CRN (Certified Renal Nurse). I do have to wait until July to get the license and certificate, but what’s important is that I passed already. To all new CRNs, see you on July. πŸ™‚


Renal Nurses Association of the Philippines (RENAP)
4A Hospital Building
Philippine Heart Center
East Avenue, Quezon City
Telephone Number: (02) 925-2410 local 2472


37 thoughts on “RENAP Accreditation Exam

  1. Congratz for passing!!! I too have turned 1 year in HD yesterday! nauna ka papala saakin..hhhehheheh..hirap ng CRRT questions noh?! Anywayz..just dropped by to say Hi. by the way, who;s the college friend you saw at the venue?Do i know him/her too? When i took renap exam also..i saw virzen villora…heheheh..he passed also…so was just curious who else is crn..hehheheheh


    • Bea! My forever loyal blog stalker. Haha! Kumusta?? Biglaan lang talaga ung pag take ko. Wla ng basa basa haha. Hmmm di ko na lang sasabihin kasi di ko nakita name nya eh. Timothy however took the exam last Feb and passed also πŸ™‚ Actually di ko sinabi sa kanya na nag exam din ako kaya nagulat na lang din sya hehe.


  2. hello,

    after registering for renap accreditation exam, how many weeks apart before the actual date of examination? do they provide review materials or concepts to review?

    I’d also want to be a CRN like you πŸ™‚


    • Hi Faye

      I did not pre-register and just went there on the date of the exam, but since the next accreditation exam is on July, you could probably pre-register now. Just be sure you have the requirements, and of course the payment hehe. To give you an idea, uhm when I went there, there was this long line for the registration. I applied for the RENAP membership, paid for the update/seminar and exam all at once (that’s P1,200). After that, I went inside for the seminar which took all morning, and then after lunch was the exam. They do not provide review materials, but mostly the questions focused on dialysis.

      Hope this helps!



  3. Hi Jeko,

    Thanks for posting all these information. It’s really helpful especially for nurses who want to be a CRN like you. But there is one more thing i want to know, what type of exam the renap accreditation exam is? Does it only involve multiple choice questions? or…:)


  4. Hi Jeko ask ko lng anu concept mga kasama sa exam? may anat and physio ba? hope to hear from you thanks

    Kc mgtake ako this july 31, 2011

    Anna from bataan here


  5. HI jeko..

    Hindi ito yung post mo na binuksan ko tlga.. nkta ko lng sya sa gilid.. bsta.. haha congratz! san k nga pla ngwowork as dialysis nurse? tnx! ang cute ng post mo ha.. πŸ™‚


  6. Wow i must say that this blog of yours is very helpful to those who will take the CRN accreditation exam… I would just want to ask sir if what type of exaM does the renap prepare for the examinees? and please po it would be much appreciated if you can also give us an idea on what topics will we focus… i hope for your reply sir thank you.. by the way congratulations and God Bless


  7. could you tell us more about the exam? i actually failed on my 1st attempt last july and gonna try my luck again this month. but i`m actually nervous and when i first saw the exam, i seriously have no idea on some questions because they said it`s bout crrt. help 😦 thank you!


  8. hi sir Jeko,
    I did attend the March 2011 update (and took the exam of course), however, i failed to take my certificate (for the update) because the renap staff told me to get it the following month/s in case I’ll be securing my accreditatin cert. the problem is im from Ilocos Norte so i wasnt able to come in person at the venue. my coworker happened to attend one of the updates and asked him if he could get for me my certificates ( update and accreditation). however, when he presented my authorization letter, only the accredition certificate was given to him. Now, i plan to take my certificate for the update. I plan to email Renap before going to their office to inform them the update I want to get.. para ready for pick up na siya!! (as you can see im from Ilocos Norte) the problem is, i dont remember anymore the title of the Update, the CRRT one? and so, I wanted to ask you whats the title of the update because I am certain you know it. hehhe..
    thanks sir jeko, I am looking forward for your reply..
    God bless you.



  9. hello po sir, ask ko lang po if every last sunday of the month po tlaga yung exam? ngplaplano plang po ako mgexam dis may27.. thank you sir.. godbless πŸ™‚


    • I’m not sure if it’s always scheduled every last Sunday, but you can always ask RENAP directly. If you’re planning to take the exam, I’d say go ahead! The more you delay it, mas lalo ka tatamarin hehe. Good luck! πŸ™‚


  10. Sir I have question regarding the Certificate of Hemodialysis Training. Kasi there’s this one dialysis center na ang sabi 6 months training daw dapat ang kumpletuhin ha HD training para sa CRN licensure exam. Ang tagal kasi ng 6 months at ang laki laki pa ng fee ng dialysis center na ito. I’m planning to find another center for a lesser fee. At kung pwede naman na kahit 2 months HD training lang, dun na lang ako. Thanks po πŸ™‚


    • hi jacqui,
      back then, they only required 2-3 months hd training, but you have to have a total of 6 months experience as a nurse kahit d na hd. You may contact renap personally if i uave other questions. hope.this helps.



  11. hi,
    ask ko lng may accreditation/license number ba after passing ng renap exam? nagtake n din ako ng exam last year and may id and certificate n din ako bilang CRN.. pero d ko lng mkita ung accreditation number dun sa id ko, name lng.. tnx^^


  12. Hello. i know this is a “late” comment. But, ill be taking the certification exam this coming sunday- july 29. any tips on what to review. and may i know, what has been asked during the interview? need your help. please! :))


  13. Hello πŸ™‚ I am scheduled for a 5week HD training in PKDF which will start on october1. However, I really have no hospitial experience which I learned only now that prior to the training is one of the requirements. If you could share some light in here, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks!


  14. hi sir,
    I already have 6 months ward experience , then I enrolled to a 6-month-training which consists of 2 months rotational duty to all areas in the hospital and then 4months would be the actual HD training. What if I do not finish the entire 6 months and only lets say 4 months(2 months rotation and 2 months HD). I think we would only be given a certificate of attendance . Would this certificate count for HD training certificate? thank you


  15. hi! πŸ™‚
    i recently passed the nle last june and i really have no idea what to do with my life right now. anyway, i think i do want to be a CRN like you.. πŸ™‚ so im wondering, do i really have to have a clinical experience of atleast 6 months before i take HD training? cause i heard b. braun will hold a hemodialysis training program this september and i think i want to enroll at that time. would it be possible that after i took the HD training, i could qualify to take the renap accreditation exam? or should i work for 6mos then have HD training then take the exam? im really confused.. thanks! πŸ™‚


  16. Hello po, Sir Jeko.

    Thank you for posting this blog. I am so relieved to have read this because I have no idea what to do on the actual date of the exam. haha
    Sir, you’ve mentioned here in your blog that you registered for renap membership on the day of the exam. I am wondering if examinees today (2013) who are not yet renap member could still register on the day of the exam? and if so, will it be under those conditional passers (let’s say if that examinee had passed the exam)? Sir, you also mentioned that there was a final interview? and there were nurses who weren’t allowed to take the exam? has it something to do with their requirements? I would greatly appreciate your reply. Thank you Sir. God bless you.


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